Download Windows Vista RC2 and The Departed

Yep a quiet Sunday night, relaxing before the long week ahead. Decided to download the Windows Vista RC2 just to give it a shot. I'm getting tired of Xp and looking to try something new, I tried Ubuntu but I'll need more application/game support before I make it full time. Vista seems fresh, and looks really nice, so I'll give it a whirl, but I like how because of the 3d engine running in the background all the time they expect you to handle the performance decrease of 10-15%.

On other news I've heard some pretty good reviews of The Departed. I haven't seen a movie since I went to see Pirates of The Caribeen 2 with my dad (yes I'm 22 and he's 51 and we went to see it) but it seems like a classic so maybe I'll go out and watch it. Anyone here seen it? Alright time for a movie, ciao


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