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When you mention free online poker, the name people think about is Party Poker, but I've found a new site that better than Party Poker and 100% legal. (If you've read anything about the new online gambling laws in the US) It's called Triplejack Poker, and it's a free online poker that gives away prizes to it's users just for playing. The prizes include $100 Visa Gift Cards, free music from Tower Records, iPods and a lot more. If you get the specific hand that they're looking for, let's say a Straight Flush of hearts, and you could win that specific prize for the day. As well if you just want to try the site you can login as a guest and give it a shot, it's what I'm doing right now while writing this post, lol just won a hand. Also the site is flash so you don't have to download any clients or anything, which makes it easier to play from home or the office or etc. Pretty good idea, and if you like it a lot you can upgrade to a pro account to get more features and more prizes. Check out Triplejack if you just want to play poker for fun, from home or from work.



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