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So Google DID buy Youtube for about $1.65 in stock. I guess it's good news since they said in their conference call that the two entities will remain seperate, however time will tell if this is really good for google or if they gave away a ton of stock, lol. Also the fact that Google has been making agreements with Warner and others to distribute content on their services can only be a good thing, for both Google Video, YouTube, or whatever comes out of both.

Also I tried to finish my download of Windows Vista RC2, and the download page nor the links are there anymore, what really gives? I was 83% done, I just was gonna finish up yesterday since I wanted to install yesterday but Microsoft apparantly pulled the plug on RC2. I wonder why there's no coverage on my news sites about it. Anyone tried it out yet? I'm itching to find a torrent to find it and finish downloading. Alright off to lunch.


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