VoIP is here, the technology to help you make free or cheap phone calls!

Yep if you haven't already heard VoIP is here, and that's great news for everyone who makes any phone calls or uses the internet to chat. What's VoIP? It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it's a new technology that allows for phone calls to be routed over the internet in order to reduce costs and improve the quality. If you've heard or used Vonage then you've heard of VoIP. Using internet bandwith is cheaper then routing a phone call through various networks and switches in different countries, such as a call to China would have to go through many place to get there. There's no internet tariffs or taxes apart from the minimal bandwith use by VoIP. VoIP is not only used by the public, many business are moving to VoIP networks in their offices as it allows for network administrators to manage 1 network for both internet and telephone. My school has a network by Cisco and it's great as they only need 1 plug and everything is managed by IT (Information Technology). It's a huge money saver as it requires less techs and management of two seperate systems. If you're interested in this technology or have any more questions you should check out the VOIP ressource page here, it's got a good amount for anyone to get started on VOIP. There's just so many facets to VoIP that you really need to and should look it up.



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