Weird twist, and Grouper sued, but not YouTube

Seems like everyday I hear more and more about the YouTube / Copyright infringement. I follow this pretty religiously because I don't want YouTube to end up like Napster or Kazaa, great things that died because of idiot money-grabbing media companies, which I have supported by NOT buying cd's lately to protest their ways of practicing business. The news today is that since Universal has signed an agreement with YouTube they decided to sue and Grouper, 2 smaller competitors of YouTube, with amounts of 150,000$ for each infrindged material posted on their site. I think that this is wrong, especially since the same company has begun to recognize the importance of sharing videos online with the agreement of YouTube. It's also bad to let YouTube have a monopoly, since if they have a monopoly, then we'll have a whole iTunes DRM debate, and that might fragment the industry more. Anyways I'm just rambling but I think it's an important time for video sharing online, and that we need to speak up as customers and content viewers. Post your thoughts.


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