New electronic spin on an old classic item

Since I like learning about new electronics, not just ones for geeks, I've seen an idea that interests me as a gift. A company called Voicequilt has produced a new product that's a twist on an old idea. Remember those music boxes that played a tune? Well VoiceQuilt has created a personalized music box that play "your memories" or the memories you want it to play. You can have a people you know or call in yourself to leave messages on VoiceQuilt's Toll-Free System, which will play whenever the person opens the box. The messages can be managed in an online playlist so you can add whichever messages you wish. VoiceQuilt will ship a Keepsake and have an electronic VoiceQuilt setup for that person so that they can download or email themselves what you've sent them. I'd send one to my girlfriend, reminding her of "our song" on our first date and etc, she'd remember instantly and it would be a great gift, since Christmas is coming up, lol. Check out for more info on how to purchase a box.

Here's a pic to show it off.



Posted bySteve at 11:50 PM


Marcello B said... 1:34 AM  

I think this is a pretty good idea, but there's nothing better than old school, and you know it.
Reuge S.A. were the first to invent luxury music boxes and singing birds. Charles Reuge of Switzerland created these musical movements in 1865 and this fine art has continued on its tradition until today. Go to for more details on their various and unique decoration ideas!

Steve said... 12:26 PM  

That's another option, you can go both ways, nothing better than choice.


Anonymous said... 4:10 PM  

According to VoiceQuilt website, folks can call in with personal sentimental messages (not songs) to create a customized gift. Birthday wishes, anniversary greetings, etc...

Steve said... 12:30 AM  

I assumed since they had a web interface that you could add in songs. I stand corrected, but if you wanted to add a song you could just call and place the phone on a speaker playing the music. Primitive, yes, but it can be done.

Steve said... 12:37 AM  

Edited my post to be correct, thanks anon for clearing things up.

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