Yea my race didn't go so well today

I feel like posting about my personal life since it's a friday night and I'm dead tired and can't go out on a rainy day. From my profile you've probably seen that I run track. Well we had our conference championships today, and I was feeling good and hoping to finish in the top 14 and make all-conference. Unfortunetly, things didn't go as planned and I tanked. I was feeling sick the whole morning and only could manage a 27:21 compared to my 27:00 that I was going to break from a month ago and wound up 25th. 25th ain't bad but it's not what I was capable of doing, I knew I could've done so much better. I cried out in frustration after the race. You guys who've done sports must definetly know how I feel. Anyways that's me so now I'm inside tonight surfing the web/relaxing.

Post something on my layouts that I've chosen as well, need some feedback on that. Alright more later,


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