2 new confessionals on the Payperpost blog

Just letting everyone know there's 2 more confessionals on the PPP blog. I hadn't gotten the chance to view yesterday's since I was helping to move but Pete's outfit is pretty funny and Ted's random asperagus story is strange but I feel his pain since I'm always worried about my weight. It raises a pretty good topic for discussion so I embedded the video in the post.

I guess that comes with being a tiny distance runner (you see my muscles down there, not too large). I've had some minor struggles with personal time and work, since I've managed to find a part-time job, run track for LIU (which is a near full-time job), do my clinical hours for my Athletic Training program and somehow find time for myself and school. I only have class 3 nights a week which helps now, since I'm in the graduate phase of my BS/MS program. Luckily track keeps me in such good shape I don't worry about hitting the gym, since we lift anyways 2-3 times a week, but when I'll be working full-time I'll definetly need to schedule time to run/lift.

For more confessionals check out the PayPerPost blog at Blog.Payperpost.com to see these videos.

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