Engadget has a video of the PS3!

I saw a PS3 live at Digitallife'06, some people were playing the NBA Live'07 on it, pretty impressive, but next to my slim ps2 it feels like they're taking a step backwards. It looks like a slick Xbox. To me the curves don't hide the bulk. I guess the card reader is a nice touch, but I feel they might've thrown it in to cover up some of the empty space on the front due to the size of the thing. Engadget went to SCEA HQ near San Fran to get a head-on with it and take a video. I just wished it was smaller and less expensive, there's no way I'm spending 600$ on a console, forget it.

You can read their preview at Engadget and watch their video, or look at the pretty pictures if you feel like.



Posted bySteve at 7:17 PM


Colleen said... 10:44 PM  

We're finally entering the PS world this year. We're going to break down and buy our son one for Christmas, but it won't be a PS3!

Steve said... 11:37 PM  

What you going to get him Colleen? A ps2 would be nice since it's got a lot of games still and some support, a psp would be good only for an older kid since a younger one would take that around and psp 's break easier

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