ah you gotta love the Payperpost peeps

As many of the Payperpost posties know last weekend the head honcho of Payperpost along with his 2 cohorts (just joking guys) were in Vegas for a tradeshow and the Payperpost Wedding between Jules and Michael. They had a blast and even if I didn't see the live stream (I was at a football game) I'll hopefully be able to see more than just the pictures on Flickr sometime soon. Anyways Veronique, aka the Flaming Tamale, posted a PPP confessional on the payperpost blog about the whole trip and her HP digital camera that she just got from Ted this morning. That's great for her, I use my camera on my phone but hey, free stuff is always great. She's going to take pictures of the office so let's see how that goes, lol.
Anyways here's the video, enjoy!

Thanks and post your thoughts about the vid,


Posted bySteve at 9:54 PM


Jules said... 11:05 PM  

Hey Steven, you can still see it at payperpostwedding.com if you want to. Just put in Michael Vazquez when you get there as the login information :)

Steve said... 7:02 PM  

hehehe thanks Jules, lemme go check it out


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