Sell your PS3 to Taco Bell for $12,500 worth of Taco's

Found this pretty interesting on Digg so I might as well share it. There's a story on where Taco Bell is having a promotion/fundraiser to the first person that sells them their PS3 will get $12,500 worth of Taco Bell credit. That's a LOT of tacos my friends, lol. The PS3 they will have one will go to the Boys and Girls club of America, so it's for a good cause and it's always nice to see. Pretty interesting propesition if you have a PS3 and love taco bell, lol.

Check out the full article HERE and post your thoughts, Tacos or PS3? lol


Posted bySteve at 9:28 PM


Marcus said... 6:29 PM  

I would eat there everyday and probably be huge in a year.

Steve said... 7:01 PM  

haha I know, it's like devil food. I wonder if anyone's done it yet, there's only 250,000 ps3's floating around so far.

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