Anymore product launches today?

Today was a pretty dam busy day for tech news. To go along with my nice PS3 news and my Quad-Core discussion I have more product/site launches for the day.

The first is the Gmail for Mobile application, allowing users to download a Java application for their mobile phone to download their gmail, view attachments (including MS Word docs and PDF's) and not have to deal with the annoying ways to get online through your phone browser. It's on the front page, check it out at The download link for your phone is there.

The second is the Official Zune website at You've no doubt hear about Microsoft's competitor to the iPod, Zune, and honestly I want it to work out at least decently for them. Competition is good, can open up the standards and maybe lower prices on all DAP's (yes I know the irony of monopolies and Microsoft). They got some decent info and things like theme's on their site. It won't play mpg's or avi's so I don't if I'll get it yet, at least until there's homebrew or something, but we'll see things turn up for the Zune.

Alright enough tech news or news, time to play some games,


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