Need laptop repair parts?

I fix computers/laptops on a part-time basis around LIU and at home whenever I'm there, since I'm good at that kind of thing and I find it a pastime away from sports and Athletic training. Fixing a desktop has always been easier than a laptop, parts are always available and swappable. Whereas if something goes wrong with the hardware on a laptop you don't have much choice but to send it back to the company. I've hated that and wondered where I could get specialized parts online. Well PowerJacksOnline seems to have fixed one major problem, the DC jack on a laptop that can get damaged and there's no real replacements. You can get a new cord but you couldn't find a jack for the laptop. They got pretty much any Laptop DC Jacks that you would need, so you wouldn't have to send it back to the manufacturer, saving time and money. I'm sure this could've saved much time and money for technicians like me who have to do all this manually for our customers. Check them out if you got that kind of problem, can save your laptop especially if its out of warranty.



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