Anyone need their cell phone unlocked?

Anyone using a GSM phone (Cingular, T-Mobile, Fido, Rogers) should know that whenever you purchase a phone from a specific carrier most of the time that phone is locked to use with that carrier. That means that you need to get the phone unlocked if you switch to another carrier or use it overseas on pay-as-you go or with a contract. You need get your phone unlocked in order to be able to do this, and the people at can help you with this. They specialize in Cell Phone Unlocking, particularly Motorola Unlocking and Blackberry unlocking.

I had to unlock my old Motorola V551 locally and it was a snap, but you had to go through the hassle of finding someone and meeting up with them. Uniquephones will save you the hassle of all that, they'll take you through all the steps online and do all the unlocking from your computer. Their prices are pretty cheap too, starting at $1.99. You might need a data cable for some phones, so remember that. If to get another GSM phone if my SonyEricsson W810i died, I'd make sure it was unlocked, and if it wasn't, I'd take it to the guys at



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Anonymous said... 1:17 AM  

This is a fraud web site. Serach uniquephones fraud and you will come to know several tens of people have been fooled by this bogus company. They do not unlock your phone, but they will rip you off by $17.

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