I use meebo all the time at the library, it's easy and fast way to get on multiple IM systems are once while being discrete. I used to use a combination of AIM Express and Ebuddy, but those don't compare to meebo in terms of simplicity. Well meebo just had it's new release XX up, and it's gorgeous. They redid the layouts, added tons of good features like pop-up windows for your contact list or conversations (I don't need it however) and things like skins. There's lots more minor changes on their blog and I just too lazy to check them out all.

Check out the meebo blog for the Changes and visit to use meebo and get on your IM's at once.


Posted bySteve at 3:16 PM


Anonymous said... 5:54 AM  

I am more of an ebuddy fan myself. Meebo is alright but doesn't have the tab mode. By the way, I wonder how Meebo will become profitable. They will probably have to start advertising soon?

Steve said... 11:45 PM  

Yea they're going to need some ads, they could easily place ads in the background of the page. IT wouldn't distract from the conversations, and advertisers could get in some nice full page ads if they wanted too.

Ebuddy is nice if that's all you're doing, but if you're at work I find meebo better.

Anonymous said... 10:27 AM  


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