Boycott FYE! Using bait and switch tactics for Wii pre-orders

Just say this on the frontpage on Digg and somehow I'm not surprised but FYE FORCED a customer who had a Wii pre-order to buy 2 more games and purchase a $25 giftcard or else he wouldn't get his Wii. That's called bait and switch FYE but somehow one person can't make a difference, right? Well I think the manager of the FYE store on the YouTube video isn't going to be employed very longer at FYE and his superior who's number is also on the video is going to have a very long Monday. I called just for the fun of it and to fill up that lady's mailbox. Let's hope he gets his Wii back and FYE catches some serious flack for this.

Here's the post on the Consumerist HERE.

Watch the video and post your thoughts!


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