Crazy Japanese See Through Refrigerator

Only the Japanese could come up with this. They got a line of see-through home appliances. A dryer, a refrigerator, something that looks like a fan/AC unit, etc. It's pretty funky, dunno if I'd grab it but thumbs up to them for thinking outside the box and making some.

Look at this picture, invisible fridges, lol

Here's the full link on Gizmodo HERE and as usual post your throughs on this funky stuff.

Alright off to bed, enjoy!


Posted bySteve at 12:17 AM


Jules said... 5:40 PM  

Oh man, that would mean I would have to clean it more often! I like my dirty one all tucked inside the metal! LOL!

Steve said... 10:33 PM  

For me it would be simple since my fridge is always empty, lol. I'm way too lazy to clean is so it might not be the best idea either, lol.

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