Moving to Vegas?

One of my friends is an avid poker player and honestly he's pretty good at that and most forms of gambling so he's been thinking of moving to Las Vegas. It's pretty tough out there at first since Las Vegas real estate isn't very cheap, most people have to rent a place first then pick up something afterwards. He's been checking out some of the rental homes here trying to find something nice before he commits to anything tho. According to him Las Vegas is pretty competitive city by nature, it's tough to make it out there but there's money to be made out there, just have to know how, either by opening a business, or being very good at what you do. If you've seen some of those pro poker players like Phil Ivey (and hopefully my friend one day) you know the type of guys I'm talking about. I wonder if he'll actually make it down there but if he's not there's like 5,000 per month moving down there so I'm sure some of those people are striking it rich. Check out to find some great real estate in Vegas if you're thinking of trying to cash in on the American dream in Vegas as well.



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