Emoze 1.3, the way to get Email to your Phone without a Blackberry

Just letting you guys know about an update to a program I spoke about a while ago called Emoze. Well Emblaze Limited, the makers of Emoze, has released a new update to the Emoze program called Emoze 1.30. If you don't remember Emoze was the world's first free and secure "push" email or PIM service. It was able to synchronize your emails onto your mobile device or PDA's without the need for you to check up on it all day. It can update your work or home emails and your Personal Information Manager stuff (yea those contacts, calender, notes, etc) onto your PDA or compatible phone wherever you are.

One of the great things about this new version is that a lot more phones are supported. Before only Windows Mobile 5 and some Symbian phones were supported, now there's a lot more phone support including the SonyEricsson W810i, aka my phone, so that's great news for me. Unfortunately for me I'm not able to access my Thunderbird (I use Thunderbird since it's free and faster) since I'm away from the computer for the holiday but once I get back tomorrow night I'm definitely going to try this with my new phone. The software can be downloaded for free at www.emoze.com. It's great because the software can now access many types of email programs, from Outlook to Thunderbird to Lotus and more. The software is easy to use by pretty much anyone, all you need to do is download the compatible version and follow the steps from there.

This software can save your or your business a great amount of bandwith by only sending you email when you have it at the intervals you want eliminating the need to check in and see if you have anything new. It's free, flexible and secure, which is great news, and the program itself don't come with any Spyware, Adware and they don't duplicate your data either.

I honestly think this is a great idea since not everyone needs or can carry a Blackberry around. If you need more info or would like to download it please visit www.emoze.com and get the right version for your phone.



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