Last thoughts before I wake up early for Black Friday and Funny Console Screens

Just got back from Thanksgiving dinner at my coach's house in East Brooklyn. Was a great time. Since I found out about 2 pretty decent deals at Best Buy for laptops I think I'm going to get up around 4:30 and try to get in on them, we'll see what happens. You guys getting up? I'll go just get a phat deal for my friend, might be worth it, and I'll get to cash in the mail in rebates as well, hehe.

On a second note (too lazy to start another post) I came across these BSOD (Blue Screens of Death) for consoles, it's pretty funny to see them in all the versions, from Xbox to the Wii. A nice short laugh for someone, lol. Check the screens HERE, I've never seen the Xbox on, so that must be a good.

Alright off to bed, getting up at 4:30am.


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