Forget Monster, has real jobs

Ever been browsing and found that they have many jobs by 3rd party recruiters or jobs that are simply too good to be true by those scammers. Well there's a new site out there that promises to remedy all that. They're called, and they only post jobs from direct companies only, meaning no recruiters. The best thing I've also found about this site is the Direct Connect technology, which links you to the direct job posting on the respective companiess site(s). This is great because you read the company's full job description and contact them in the method that's preferred by the potential employer. It can definetly help get that leg up on the job. Another interesting fact is that 70% of the jobs there aren't found on other commercial job sites, only on their database. Sounds like a great option for those job-hunting to me and surely provides some good competition to Monster. Check out for more info or for some great jobs.



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Sean McGrath said... 4:47 PM  

Thanks for the kind words about our site!

Sean McGrath

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