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Yep got another free service for you guys. Since I'm a pretty disorganized guy (not forgetful just messy) I find it important to keep a calendar with all my important tasks, meetings, events, etc. It's also important to make sure that you can use that calender wherever you are, if you're on the go, if you're away from home or the office, etc. That's why the people at have a free online calendar for you guys to use. You can record birthdays, meetings, anniversaries, etc, and best of all it can email you or SMS text message you whenever an important meeting is coming up. Sounds pretty sweet since I'm always pushing the limit and knowing something a few days in advance can help, I'm sure you guys agree.

They even got some new and improved reminders to go along with the redone calendar. Check out this picture below to see a preview of them, pretty nice if you ask me.

Check this out and more at



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