Wii Not DVD enabled?

Seems the news about video games is pretty crazy. I guess the Wii is not DVD-enabled by default, meaning your $250 purchase can't play your nice DVD collection that you've accumulated over the years. I know the Gamecube couldn't do that but it didn't have DVD drive nor was it aimed at that segement. The Wii has an online web browser in the pipes as well so I'm surprised at this but maybe it's just me.

I guess Nintendo has always had this stance of being for the games first but do you think that lacking DVD-playing capabilities is something that would turn you off? A dvd player is so cheap it doesn't seem right for the Wii to lack this feature. I guess we're just going to have to wait for 2007 when the Wii will be DVD enabled. So there's maybe some hope for you early adopters, but I just wonder why it's not enabled by default, since someone pointed out to me on the Engadget forums they have to have a red laser to read Gamecube games.

Anyways here's the link from Engadget.com so go read it and post some comments. I swear it's my last video game article for the night, lol.


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