Free Stuff Part 25 - Free Ipods!

Just letting everyone know about a free Ipod giveaway site. Yea I know most of you guys don't trust the free ipod "popups" but these guys have 2 things. One you can enter their mailing list and win an ipod by random chance (they draw one every day) or two you can complete advertisers offers (signing up for things) so that they get credit and you get an Ipod. They're a legit company, having given away over 2,000 ipods over 6 years and since they're giving you 2 options to get one I think it's cool.

Check out the link below to Get a Free iPod from Now!



Posted bySteve at 8:24 PM


Anonymous said... 10:37 PM  

I won a free iPod on about two months ago. It's a great site that I highly recommend.

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