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Since I'm not in the holiday spirit today I might as well talk about something in the holiday spirit to get my spirits up, lol. Since Christmas is coming soon it's starting to be time to be festive again and the folks at have a pretty large selection of Christmas wallpapers to spruce up your boring desktop. They have 16 holiday wallpapers in all, and they come in a lot of sizes for you desktop freaks, from 640x480 all the way to 1600x1200, which should easily most if not all the non-widescreen resolutions out there. The wallpapers themselves are pretty easy to download and don't come with spyware/adware or etc. You might have to register, aka giving your name, birthday, email address, but they have confidentiality policy so your information is safe.

Oh yea they also some festive screensavers so if you don't wanna change your desktop you can have a nice screensaver if you're away from your desk a lot. Can be a nifty touch if you decorate the office/desk area. Lastly if you're interested in this and more they have newsletter option on registration, it's optinal and you can unsubscribe at anytime.

Now go check out some Christmas wallpapers and let me know which one you like.Here's mine



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