I actually like the idea of Cingular's Music Store

Normally I had cingular with a passion, since their customer service is crap, prices aren't that good, and since they advertise random facts to get uneducated customers (Least dropped calls my butt) but anyways they're in the news for their new Music Store. Their new music store is pretty unique when compared to Sprint or Verizon as they teamed up with Yahoo and Rhapsody to get free full-length songs on their phones.

Yep that's right free. The catch is that when you want to transfer it to your computer or other music device you'll need a subscription to Yahoo or Rhapsody, which is 15$ a pop. It's not too bad for those who only want music on their mp3 phone, like my nice SonyEricsson W810i, which Cingular now has (grrr). They think they'll make money as people pay the ridiculous data prices on Cingular to download songs, which may happen. Cingular charges by the KB or has per MB data plans so it may hurt some phone bills (T-Mobile has nice unlimited accounts, $5.99 T-Zones for life, no limits and I can tether to my computer) but may make them rich.

I guess it's good for the consumer since they can get music for free on their phones, but at what cost and who will really have all their music on their phones? We'll see how well this does.

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