Update on the Payperpost Wedding

Well since I'm on Payperpost 24/7 I thought I'd update you guys with who I voted for and why. If you go to the PayPerPost Wedding site, you'll see three stories up there. They're all good stories and honestly all of them could win in my books and it would be good but since you had to pick one I'll tell you who I picked. I was torn between Jules' and Corrin's stories. Both are active posters on the boards so I know them pretty well and their stories are both pretty good so I had to find a way to break the tie. I finally picked Corrin's since a) She met her boyfriend online (I'm a fan of online love, it's tough finding people and I've meet a girl online 2 so I have hope for that) b) She was down in the ranking when I voted on the Boards and c) Jules lived in Nevada, so it's like I was like alright maybe if they don't win they can do it themselves one day, lol. I'm sorry Jules but I had to find someone to pick, lol. Hopefully Ted will spring for both of you guys or something, lol. If you guys want to hear more about this check out the Boards or visit the PayPerPost Wedding site.


P.S. It's really past laundry time, lol

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