It's crazy the lengths people will go to for some things...

Sticking with the video game theme for tonight I was just reading on TGdaily about the people who've been lined up for a PS3 since LAST WEEK. Yep that's right, last week. Kind of a crazy if you ask me but then again some people are VERY addicted to their video games or electronics (yes I know I am in SOME aspects). Well those guys in Burbank California were kicked off the Best Buy property. Makes sense since it's pretty nuts to line up for a week before the launch, it's only a gaming system guys (then again I'm biased since I sold my PS2 and think PS3 is overrated for now).

Anyways you can read the article at HERE and read more on how these guys quit their jobs and postponed engadgements to be the first ones in line. Nuts I tell yea.

Anyways more later,


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