What I love best about Payperpost

Many of you may have noticed the dramatic increase in posts over the last few months on this blog. It started to be a personal blog but has since moved on to discuss what I do when I'm on the next with my free time, reading electronics/technology/computers sites and reviews. Its given me a way to express myself that I hadn't had since my failed site (JHawk's Hardware, had no time to manage it and find content at the same time). I'd like to thank the guys at Payperpost for it. They help me blog and make it worthwhile for me to blog. I had 2000 views at my old site and barely made 5$ on Adsense.

Now with Payperpost I can get paid to advertise on blogs. I can talk about things that may interest my readers (unless you're reading this cuz you hate my blog, lol) and get to learn about new products and services. Some of the things I've spoken about are great. Case in point, the DigitalLife'06 show, where I wrote about free tickets that anyone could use, and I refered many friends to go, and I went there myself for free. It can't get any better than that. How can I not like Payperpost after that. Also I get paid to write, which I'm using to help pay off a large bill (check my old posts for what I'm using the money for) and it's helping tremendously.

Honestly, check out Payperpost.com if you blog, it's worth a look and maybe you can earn some decent cash like me.



Posted bySteve at 11:13 PM


Colleen said... 11:18 AM  

I'm curious as to if you're only doing PPP or if you've registered for any other systems like it, like Blogitive. I'm registered there too, and I've gotten a few offers lately...I hear that they are really ramping up, so I'm interested to see where Blogitive is going next. If you sign up there, use me as a referral, won't ya? colleen_cc@yahoo.com

Steve said... 2:50 PM  

I've signed up there before colleen ( i think my registration expired so I'll refer ya, lol) but the quality of the offers wasn't very good so I didn't go any. I'll have to check them out again, seems like another option but I want to keep my blog somewhat relevant to online technology and everything surrounding it, and maybe some sports/real life things if they're interesting. No credit card offers for me, lol

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