Looking for something to give someone who works outdoors? Give them a good Flashlight

My dad worked in warehouses and does construction on weekends for years. Therefore he works outdoors and in dark gloomy places a lot. I remembered asking him once what's the one thing he always needs whenever he's doing outdoor work? He casually gave me his answer but gave it without hesitation, a solid dependable flashlight, and I've remembered it since. He's been using the large 9V flashlights for years but the batteries die out rather quickly for the work he does. That's why for Christmas I've been looking at the flashlights from OpticsPlanet.net.

They got some of the best brands, including Streamlight, SureFire and Pelican. They got lights as gun-mounts, (pretty cool lights there), lights for police work, firefighters, hunting (laterns) or random construction work with headgears. I've been looking to get him a Headlamp, which is a flashlight that attaches to his head, so that when he's working in a dark place he can hold his tools and have some light as well. Would be good for working on the foundation of our house. Opticsplanet has some decent prices, which includes Free UPS on orders over $29.95 and volume pricing if needed. I think it's a great gift idea to get someone a quality flashlight, those things need to be dependable, and it's something most people overlook.

So take a look at OpticsPlanet.net and pick the right flashlight for that outdoors person in your life.



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