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I've never had a great amount of success with the various search engines when searching for international or local Canadian results unfortunately. Most of the search engines don't specify local content or anything first. Well hopefully that's a trend that will start to change with the coming of Megaglobe, New International Search Engine.

They promise to represent the entire world with their search engine, a mighty noble goal. Along with that they seem to be doing the same type of advertising as Google by targeting local markets. This is good since no one cares about things they cannot buy or see. They have some technology in place to prevent click fraud as well, always a positive from a startup. Also, they're going to have ads or sponsor listings in 50 different countries worldwide, which is definetly a start, which is another nice thing to see.

The search engine is going to start off in 45 languages when it's live, it's not up yet but the main page is accepting sites to be spidered in its index. More search engines = more results = more clicks and readers. They're also going to operate from multiple domain names, something close to 304 in total, which is good for targeting those local countries as well.

They have a couple of press releases available if you want to know more about them, here's some links and their logo.

Press Release 1
Press Release 2
Press Release 3

Definetly worth checking out, even if it's just to add your blog/site to Megaglobe's Index for now.

I'll post a full review once it's fully online, post your thoughts on it as well.


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