Zune's being released tomorrow, you getting one?

If I wasn't so lazy I'd put a poll up here asking you guys if you'd get a Zune or not. Since it's coming out tomorrow there's been a lot of press/reviews. I saw a really good link yesterday but never got around to posting it so here it is, sorry if it's old news.

This one is from IHT.com, stating that most iPod users are considering buying an iPod, here's the quote:

"That is why Steve Wilson, a consumer electronics analyst, was so surprised this month when he read the results of a survey by ABI Research of 1,725 randomly chosen owners of digital media players. To Wilson's shock, 58 percent of iPod owners told ABI they were likely to buy a Zune, the new player Microsoft plans to start selling in the U.S. market on Tuesday, and in 2007 in Europe."

Pretty interesting thing here, staying that iPod users aren't loyal. Here's the rest of the article HERE

Me, I'd look into a Zune maybe later for its video capabilities. I have my phone (SE W810i) for music since I don't want to carry 2 seperate devices on the go but if their movie support takes off then it might be work looking into. Anyone have any further thoughts? Post away,


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