Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D - Google Earth copycat?

I played around with Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D yesterday and coming from the Live maps that they had I was expecting a much better experience. However I found that the beta application wasn't as good as Google's 3D inside of Google Earth, not even close. Maybe it's because Google Earth is a much more mature stand-alone application but I expected more with Virtual Earth 3D. I had 3 3D buildings in Manhattan, yes 3, not very good. Didn't see any 3D in Montreal, but I expected that. I was able to tilt the screen and see the pictures from different angles, but no 3D buildings. Anyone else give it a shot yet? Did they fix NYC yet? Let me know your thoughts/opinions

Oh yea here's a link to the download, you need the plugin to use the 3D function, Virtual Earth 3D Download


Posted bySteve at 7:30 PM


Anonymous said... 10:26 AM  

Yes, I've tried it, and it's just "different" than GE. GE has better imagery on a global basis because of their relationship with DigitalGlobe. VE excels at massively-scaled 3D cities, but for the first release it seems NY is not available. By the way, they are listedo on the left hand Welcome pane...

See the following cities in 3D view:

Fort Worth
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
San Francisco
San Jose

Steve said... 8:11 PM  

Thanks for the update, I had no clue, I was just dissapointed with the lack of 3D in my 2 favorite cities. gonna fire it up again see how they look.


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