Braincast, making voice memo's useful again.

Ever been on the run and wanted to remember something but haven't had the chance or a pen and paper lying around. Well Braincast has a solution for those people on the go. They provide a service where you can call a 1-800 number (toll-free so no long distance) and record messages from your phone. You can then listen, manage and add labels to these messages from home or any browser later on. It's a pretty good concept which expands from the basic voice memo's on your phone. The BrainCast website is pretty nice, layout is simple and effective, and should be easy for even a notice computer user to use. I just wonder if they're going to allow listening to your messages from your phone. I tested it and the message appeared about 10 seconds after I ended the call. Pretty slick if you ask me. It sounds like a great way to keep yourself organized. I'm going to give it more time during the next few days and let you guys know how much I use it. Until then visit BrainCast and give it a shot yourself, it's free.


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