Moby in New York

I listen to trance/electronica so I've definetly heard of Moby. Most of you have heard him for that Porcelain song he's released a few years back. I've listened to his other stuff and it's pretty decent, I'm more of the trance guy myself. Since I'm from New York I have to promote the Moby in New York special that's on CNN's The Scene. He talks about Chinatown (he's true when you can still easily get lost there if you're a New Yorker, lol) and other places like Central Park inside New York. It's pretty intresting so check it out if you're doing nothing waiting for that turkey to cook or have never been to New York (who hasn't), lol. If you haven't, read this link about New York Etiquette unless you want to get run over or piss off the locals, lol. Trust me tourists stick out like sore thumbs on the streets/sidewalk, you'll see, lol.

Anyways off to bed, nice long sleep for once today.


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