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I registered on the Payperpost forums the 2nd day they were made, and I've been a regular on them since. Why would this be important? Well I find that the boards or forums of a company or site is really what makes or breaks the site. If users are able to talk with their peers, get quick feedback to the owners/content posters, then the site would be a much better run place.

I participate in several online forums, and it's one of the greatest things about being on the Internet, that people from all over can discuss their views and opinions on whatever they want. The PayPerPost boards are no different. We got a great general forum where we all hang out, forums about our Favorite Opps, Favorite Blog Posts from other blogs, Q&A forum, etc and there's even a couple of Advertiser forums so that they can interact with the team and us as well. It's great when they ask for feedback so that we can give it to them directly.

Also there's some funny things on the boards and you get that great sense of community that Payperpost has. It's pretty awesome and you get the latest gossip or scoops on Payperpost before the frontpage does. If you haven't checked it out yet or are new to Payperpost don't be afraid to visit the forums and ask some questions, one of us will answer.

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