Pretty cool gift - A book with your family history.

The guys would know me in real life know I'm a pretty avid reader, usually Fantasy/Sci-Fi novels though, but most people don't know I've always been pretty interested in names, particularly Family Trees and etc. I've bought scrolls with my personalized family tree before but it's not a very practice or thing to share with my family/friends. So I've seen this pretty cool book called Our Name in History where they take your family data off places like and others and compile a book relating your family history. This actually sounds like a great novel gift idea for your parents, children, basically anyone in your family. Tracks down your family history and it's a real record, a book, that you can reference at anytime.

This is how it looks, pretty nice and fits the setting well.

It's worth a look if you're needing a unique gift. For more info please visit .



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