Stuck at work...Quad-Core Discussion

Yep so it's one of my long Thursdays at the library so I'm just surfing tech sites and reading reviews of the new Intel Quad-Core "Kentsfield" where there's 20 reviews on the same pre-release stuff. Oh yea my buddy Chris came by, he's another tech guy, loves buying new gadgets and he's a really nice guy too. Works on the 5th floor of the LLC building (I'm on the 3rd floor.) We were talking about do we really need a Quad-Core system? After 2 cores is there really going to be a need for 4, 8, etc. Are our CPU's that seem to be fine doing single-threaded or multi-threaded apps going to substancially be better with the huge increase in numbers of cores per CPU. I've been holding off buying a multi-core system until the apps have really supported it. He has a brand new Core 2 Duo laptop and he loves it, so we're on both sides of the fence. I'll wait for AMD's response to Kentsfield to see what's up, and I need to save money anyways so it gives me another excuses.

Alright back to work, more later


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