Can't get a Wii or a PS3? Get a gyroscopic controller for your PS2/PC

I know there's been a lot of talk and buzz about the Wii's controller that's motion sensing and the PS3 SIXAXIS (forget the exact acronym) controller where they have some tilt-action gaming going on. Well PS2 and Pc owners can finally rejoice, there's some motion sensing controllers out there for them too. The controller is called the G-Pad Pro, and after seeing it, I think anyone looking for a Playstation controller or gamepad should take a lot. It's got a gyrpscopic sensor inside the controller so you can use the controller to move left/right/up/down just by turning it in those directions. There's no software or drivers needed. Pretty cool idea if you ask me, bring some of that next-gen goodness to other systems. It's also got macros for those long button keypresses, which is a great thing to have in those games where you're forced to hit a button repeatedly for no reason or enter a complex key sequence. They've even got a couple of YouTube videos showing off the controller HERE and someone playing GT4 with the controller HERE. Take a look its not that bad. I'd recommend anyone still with a ps2 looking for a gift or a new controller to take a look. Check out the G-Pad Pro product page here.

Here's a picture of the 2 controllers btw, they don't look that bad either.



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