Why I NEED an HP Digital Camera

If you've Veronique aka Flaming Tamale's post on the Payperpost blog you'll see that they've got a new sponsorship with HP and she got a nice digital camera from them. Honestly I think it's about time she got something but you know I think I word hard too and maybe it's time I get something too. I've been busting my butt, working hard, posting hard and being a team player. I'm on the boards, I've pimped my blog, I've been the best postie I can. I have to cut out real life things to sacrifice for PPP, but I love them for it. To me this digital camera would be a reward, it would keep me working 110% and it would be a great thing for the upcoming holidays. I'd take pictures of Canada, specifically of Montreal, my hometown, in the Winter. It's a beautiful place and I think everyone would like some nice quality pictures. Hopefully a nice digital camera from HP would be a great way to do tihs. Tell me I'm crazy but I love Montreal and I love the winter and you should see the sights.

Anyways write comments and help Ted pick me as one of the lucky 5 winners from Payperpost and HP, c'mon PPP I love you guys, lol.



This post is brought to you by the fine people at HP.

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