Yes I should've sat in that line for a PS3

I witness my friend making $1000 for a spot in line at Best Buy for a PS3 and I thought to my self, even if I was working all day how much more would've I have made if I got into line and waited for 2 days, lol. Yep there's stories everywhere on the net about the PS3 rush that occured last night into this morning, how some people got shot by a BB gun while waiting, fights breaking out, the event launch parties at Sony in NYC and in San Francisco, etc.

Here's the Engadget converage most of you won't see HERE. Can't say I didn't see it coming, lol.


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Posted bySteve at 10:20 PM


Cass said... 3:11 PM  

My daughter's boyfriend camped out for one of these, but not for himslef. He made $200 holding a place for someone else!

Steve said... 11:16 AM  

I know it's just crazy what people will do for them, lol. He prolly could've made more if he sold it on Ebay/Craigslist, lol

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