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I've been becoming more and more interested now that I have my blog in online marketing and the whole SEO (Search Engine Optimization) thing going on. Another one of my friends, who runs, has shown me some sites and some links about SEO, Adsense, Arbitrage and the like. Since then I've been roaming some blogs and found a pretty interested one last night called SEO'Brien.

Paul O'Brien, the creator of SEO'Brien, has worked with Yahoo, HP and has over 15 years experience in Online Marketing. His blog covers such diverse topics and lessons in things like Comparison Shopping, Affiliate programs, Banner media, RSS, and more. The Search Engine optimization and online marketing from SEO'Brien's blog brings quality news on these subjects and more helping you which could help you drive sales while reaching targeted customers through behavioral paid search management, regional optimization, comparison shopping cycles, integrated marketing, and affiliate searching. There's more but I suggest you check out his blog, can't hurt and it's pretty informative.



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