Zune interface video

Since the Zune is coming out pretty soon there's been a lot more content and previews. The official Zune site was released on Wednesday and now there's a really nice video from Engadget showing off the interface. After looking at this video I'm quite impressed. The apple interface has never really impressed me beyond being really simple, i didn't think it was that nice just simple. If Microsoft can show users that this is nice and simple, they might have a chance at taking some solid market share from Apple. Maybe they'll be some firmware updates for nice features like removal of the 3x3 limit for non-DRM music and etc. We'll just have to see.

For now I'll just link you to the video on Engadget and let you make your own opinions, and hopefully post back here :)

Heres' the link http://www.engadget.com/2006/11/03/zune-complete-interface-walkthrough-video/


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