Addicted to my new video game and Blogger

Yea sorry guys I haven't blogged as much as I've been wanting too, I can't seem to pull myself away from Day of Defeat:Source. For those who don't know, Day of Defeat:Source or known to most as DOD:S is a highly addicting fast paced game based on WWII where people fight to control the map via flags and kill your opponents. It's simple, fun and addicting. I used to run a clan or group of players for the original Day of Defeat for the HL1 engine (DOD:S is on the second HL2 engine) and I've loved the game since then and finally got an upgrade.

Btw I've noticed that Blogger's out of all the beta's, which is good so I don't have to type, good for it, keeping my life simple while introducing new features is great.

Alright off to more DOD:Source, later!


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