Blog Review 3 - Surviving NJ

Deb, aka Jersey Girl got a pretty cool blog about the land of the Devils, Nets and somehow home to 2 New York football Teams, called SurvivingNJ. She's got another varied blog with some great posts about Taco Bell, or a rant about Men with hair on their chest. I got a little something on mine (well a lot but not too much to be beastly) so seeing someone that appreciates that gets the thumbs up in my book.

She also brings some cool gift ideas, ideas for things to do around the house like a Photography Scavenger Hunt or talks about her favorite artists like Taylor Hicks, who's not my type of guy but hey to each his own. Anyways check out her blog at or check out her new blog at



Posted bySteve at 1:22 PM


Jules said... 2:56 PM  

I love her blog and I read it daily, but I cannot comment on it for the life of me! When I click on "comment" it will hang my browser (Firefox 2.0) and then eventually crash it. I think it's some java script in an infinite loop messing it all up. I PM'd her about it on the message forums, and I'm not sure why I am telling you, but yeah, maybe she will read this here also. LOL!!

Steve said... 7:20 PM  

LOL, yea I had a problem on her site too with Firefox, worked fine with IE, must be some coding errors cuz she's using the older version of the Blogger platform

Jersey Girl said... 10:54 PM  

thx for the props...i'm changing templates and it seems to be fixing the problem...just tweaking it...thx guys for bringing it to my attention

Steve said... 12:22 AM  

You see she did read it here, haha!

Np Deb, lemme go see if you changed the template yet

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