Some different holiday gift ideas then what you usually see from me

I know I mostly talk about gaming and technology but thought I might share a great site for anything optic or lens related They got tons of stuff, from Telescopes, to rifle scopes, to binoculars, quality flashlights, sunglasses and even
radar guns for a baseball coach or amateur cop, lol. They got FREE UPS on orders over $29.95 which is great for the holidays.

Now someone get me some Bolle Sunglasses for running this summer and I'll be set. I love the Bolle Action Sport Turbulence due to the fact that I need a quality set of sunglasses that I can change the lenses for different conditions such as snow/rain or sun, or if I can't afford that maybe the Mongrel Sport model. C'mon help out this college boy!



Posted bySteve at 10:36 PM


Anonymous said... 12:19 AM  

cool, but what model of Bolle sunglasses do you want? Also, the link to is broken
should it be

Steve said... 1:15 PM  

My bad, lol, I've always wanted a good pair of glasses with interchangable lenses and Bolle has the Sport Turbulance glasses, lemme edit the main post and let you guys know.


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