Blog Review 5- Terri's Musings

I know I haven't been keeping up with my Blog Reviews since last week but I think I should let you guys know about Terri's blog up in Olympia in the wonderful but rainy state of Washington. She's a married mom of Zane and she's been kind of stuck in inside as shown by the fact of the S.A.D lamps HERE or going out with some fellow Mom's HERE. Don't worry I feel your pain during the school year, I don't get the liberties that some of my fellow slackers I mean students get since I'm so busy but I can't complain since I enjoy what I do.

Her blog is really interesting, with nice variety of subjects from her husband's videos (and subsequent jealously of me HERE :p), some nice Christmas Cards, a nice post on I.B.S. (don't EVER want that) and more. Check it out at" and send her some love.

Btw I might be a more permanent visitor to the US, more on that in a later post, but it includes the words jobs and money :)


Posted bySteve at 2:01 PM


Terri said... 2:38 PM  

Wow, a j-o-b, huh? Sounds cool. Thanks for the love!

Ranee said... 2:57 PM  

I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog review. Now I'm going to have to start reading terri's site as well. My blogroll is getting way too long!!!! And btw I don't want IBS either.


Steve said... 3:20 PM  

Hahaha I know long blogrolls are pretty crazy since it's tough to read.

Thanks for the visit and I'll make sure to drop by French Kitten.


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