Who here likes to Ski or Snowboard?

Being home for the holidays reminds me of something I haven't done in the last 5 years that I haven't been in Canada, which is Ski or Snowboard. I must admit I may not be the greatest skier but I can hold my own on a snowboard, trust me going down some Black Diamonds or Double Diamonds at Mont. Tremblant make you learn REAL quick.

However I still have good friends who ski nearly every weekend since the mountains are so close to Montreal, a lot of good resorts and Mountains are within an hours drive or at most 2 hours to Vermont/New Hampshire to mountains like Jay Peak and they love it. Maybe I should look into getting them some of these Last Year Model Skis ! for cheap on Ebay. Can't beat Ebay and these guys have 80,000 pairs in stock, which is pretty astounding. They all the major brands like Rossignol, Salomon, Dynastar, Atomic, K2, Elan and etc. Like look at these Bode Miller (yep the pro skier who failed in Sydney but is still good) Atomic Rage GS:9 Racing skis. Pretty slick. They also got some nice boards like the Rossignol Scope, Amber, Sultan lines like this Rossignol Scope board here.

Lastly if you can't get out at all to a big mountain maybe you can just get your friend some nice Snowshoes so they can make their own trails. Remember guys I need some new stuff so hint hint, and will someone please take me boarding this year, c'mon I've been good, lol!


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