Blogging in Portland, ME!

Hey I'm in Portland, Maine, never been here so it's pretty cool! I was supposed to be in Montreal but we went to Portland to visit his girlfriend instead on the way. Me and my friend drove here from NYC to Portland in about 5 hours, wasn't bad. We just came back from the downtown area of Portland, wasn't as fun as good old Brooklyn or any of the many areas of Manhattan, but it's not as bad as I thought. Everything is close together sot that's not.

I haven't been able to follow the tech scene last couple of days, been playing on the new laptops. I really am thinking of getting a new one soon, waiting for my job to start on January 3rd, that's right I'll be getting paid at the PT clinic. So until that starts I should just relax, there's also Boxing Day in Canada so we'll see what that brings up.

Anyways gotta go, long drive to Montreal tomorrow,


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