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Hey I'm into the Health Science and sports fields since I'm an Athletic Trainer so I have to show some love to a blog in the Fitness field. I've worked out for over 10 years and trained people for nearly 4 (track and weightlifting background along with Sports Science undergraduate degree) and Marcela's blog at NoExcusesGym is really on point. She has great articles on training programs for beginners, or specifics for the fitness women are looking for like their Hips and Butt or nutritional tips from places like Mayo Clinic on Holiday Feasts.

I was very impressed by the diverse range of the articles, it seems she really has varied stuff and understands the MANY components of fitness, trust me I know. There's a nice link section with other helpful places that she's linked to. Her other articles and posts are pretty well thought out as well, for example the 3rd post on the page about the best Hotel Gyms in the US is a great find. I travel a lot with track and it would be interesting to know where we can go to workout if we don't have the opportunity to go to a formal facility, and it could be helpful to the active traveler as well. I'm not a big fan of the cyan colors but hey nothing can be perfect now can it, lol.

Honestly go check out Marcela's blog at and lemme know what you guys think.



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